I recently exhibited ‘28 Days,’ in the group exhibition ‘Permission,’ which responded to Emilie Pine’s text excerpt from the essay collection, ‘Notes to Self,’ published by Trampress. The exhibition was a collaboration with Engage Art Studios, Just Art It and Cúirt International Festival of Literature. I facilitated the Writer and Artists’ conversation with Emilie Pine and Engage Art Studio members.

My response relates to female fertility and women’s role in society aside from expectations of bearing children. The work comprises of series of photographic images bound in book format. Twenty eight images were selected representing the days of the menstrual cycle. Each image focuses on a discarded section of text. The texts were taken from three publications - two contemporary medical journal articles on fertility and one being the original 1970’s text of ‘Our Bodies, Ourselves.’ The latter text published by the non profit women’s collective (Boston Women’s Health Book Collective) developed to take ownership of and provide frank and accessible discussion about women’s bodies and their experiences within the medical setting. Each page within ‘28 Days’ marks the process of grappling with, negotiation, being witnessed, documented and then held in the pages of a closed book.

Gunwhy_28 Days_Permission_Emilie+Pine_Notes+to+Self