Moment by Moment


Moment by Moment, focuses directly on my experience of living within my capacity.  One expression of this work was sculptural and represented the corporeal experience of living moment by moment in pain. A reflection of becoming entirely consumed by bodily experience in moments incapacitated by acute illness. Lengths of paper were cut and folded into forms to represent the mapping of attending to that experience. The sculptural pieces being reminiscent of the Möbius Strip that mathematically equates to non-orientability whilst the interior and exterior surfaces are linked by one continuous boundary.

This formed a sculptural installation exhibited in Galway University Hospital as part of Galway International Arts Festival, 2017. The large-scale installation comprised of 200 individual pieces fabricated from paper and suspended from the 8 metre ceiling, spanning 3.5 metres across with a drop of 5 metres. Paper was the chosen medium as, in part, the work is about fragility & impermanence. It also relates to notions of anti monumentalism and the idea that paper is commonplace and therefore often disregarded and considered of no significance. However, it holds such historical and cultural significance within our everyday lives. Working with paper questions the commonlace assumptions and alludes to the societal role of those incapacitated as being considered of little value and the contradiction of anti-monumentalism within a large-scale sculpture presented in an institution.

Gunwhy_moment by moment iv.jpg