Imposed Boundaries


‘Vicissitude abated, the dialogue resumes. Advancing and receding, with the tidal pull of the breath drawn into our bodies and exhaled.’

Gunwhy_Imposed boundaries_installation

Imposed Boundaries, was a body of work that reflected on the limits of our capacity and negotiation of the boundaries we live by, though an exploration of physical space and corporeality. This work comprised of a photographic series, text and sculptural installation that included sound work. It mapped a process of relating to a particular space in terms of the physical, psychological and bodily boundaries encountered. The space identified delineates a radius from my home that extends to the outer limits of my daily capacity to walk within. This also charts a temporal relationship to the space, that has over time become a marker, a witness, to my own physical undulating capacity.

The text formed an integral element to the work and focuses on the internal dialogue of the process and relationship to the space and body. The photographc series is of recesses within concrete boulders at the site that denote the boundary line. Many contain fallen rainwater and objects found held within the constrained space. The sculptural installation comprised of glass vessels containing rainwater and found objects that had drifted into containers I had placed along the boundary line over the duration of the work. The sound piece integrated recordings of the physical boundary, the inhalation and exhalation of tidal movement and the human heart beat dominating the left aural space.