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‘My work reflects a process of making sense of my experience of the world. The dialogue between my environment, roles and relationships and my place within them. The sea and natural forms are often embedded within the work with focus on fragmented elements. Concepts of gender, identity, equality and social justice permeate my understanding of the world.

In recent years the impact of chronic illness has directly influenced my work. One aspect of this has meant learning to assimilate living with chronic pain. Adjusting to physical limitation and reduced capacity has had a significant impact. Consequently the underlying process is inextricably linked with the exploration and confrontation of working within imposed boundaries. Within constraint I am compelled to reflect on what it means to live within my capacity.

Apposite to this focus has been the contemplation of impermanence. Within the context of transience how do we navigate our lives and make sense of our experiences? What does it mean to come to stillness in a world of perpetual motion?’

Nicola Gunwhy was born in Liverpool (UK) and now lives in Ireland. Alongside her own art practice Nicola trained as a Clinical Psychologist and whilst working in healthcare completed her Doctorate focusing on children’s experiences of illness. Drawing upon her personal and professional experience of chronic health conditions, she is interested in the intersection between Arts & Health.

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